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Imphal Peace Museum

A museum which stands as a symbol of  peace and reconciliation. Imphal Peace Museum serve as a living memory of the tragic war which reinforces the message that history changes and will make the world learn from past which is required for a lasting peaceful world.


a site for commution with the past

Imphal Peace Museum is a representation of this paradox of life. It is certainly not dedicated to war or be a voyeuristic window to the scale of violence Manipur witnessed when it became one of the fiercest theatres of WWII. On the other hand, it is about celebration of the beauty of peace upon the knowledge of the calamity that its absence can be. This is the greatest lesson the history of Manipur’s WWII experience can teach us, and the Imphal Peace Museum encapsulate this outlook. In the spirit of “Truth and Reconciliation” advocated as a trauma resolution approach by one of the foremost peacemakers the world has seen, Nelson Mandela, the message and impression that the Imphal Peace Museum strives to leave for all visitors, especially the younger generation, is the one to be a regenerative resurgence of life even after having gone through the most traumatic of experiences. It is also about the celebration of the unshakable faith in a common humanity that Manipur possesses despite all the troubles it has faced and continues to face.

"Peace pays what war wins."

Serbian Proverbs

Messages on occasion of the
1st Anniversary of Imphal Peace Musuem

From our collection

Among the various artifacts and  highlights of museum such as diaries and other memorabilia of those who returned to Japan safely, is a framed calligraphy by Shinzo Abe Japan’s Prime Minister, which reads heiwa- meaning peace in Japanese.

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Yohei Sasakawa, born in Tokyo on January 8, 1939, is Chairman of The Nippon Foundation in his message for the Imphal Peace Museum  “The world is one family, we are all brothers and sisters.”

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